“Hellboy” Hell Yeah!

“Hellboy” (2019) directed by Neil Marshall is an interesting film in that it strays from the traditional superhero model and gives the audience a hero that is badass but also tired of the hero gig.

Metal and Action

While the movie struggles story-wise in some places, the action set pieces are exactly what one would expect from a dark comic. Hellboy, played by David Harbour, moves like someone who can actually be damaged (unlike some of the heroes a certain saga features) and changes based on that. The fight scenes play well with the heavy metal soundtrack and only get better when Hellboy is weakened and the music pulls out to draw the audience in.

Spooky, Scary… Demons?

Some really creepy characters are featured in the film, and although the CGI isn’t always the best, the design builds an interesting universe with equally interesting creatures. We see many grotesque monsters, such as Gruagach (voiced by Stephen Graham), a twisted pig-man (played by Troy James) and Baba Yaga (played by Emma Tate), a sick-looking woman with a twisted smile and peg legs. These creatures don’t feel or look as lux as Guillermo del Toro’s monsters from the original films, but they are rougher and grittier, which helps steep the audience into the film even more.

Overall, “Hellboy” is a valiant effort at a movie that is more accurate to the Dark House comics, but it falls short due to some technical errors and underwhelming performances.

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