Breath of the Wild, Wild West

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW) was released on March 3 of this year and has made a splash. Although it was also released on the Wii U, its real appeal came with its release on the also recently released Nintendo Switch console. BotW is a continuation of the Zelda franchise, and it follows the same main character, Link, through a new adventure in Hyrule. Although the game sports new mechanics and a “new” landscape, it features many of the same people from the previous games. These include Ganon, Zelda and even the infamous Cuccos.

BotW is not your traditional Zelda game. It features combat that, while still fast-paced, resembles that of another franchise. The franchise in question is the Dark Souls game series. This may sound odd to some but when broken down, the resemblance between BotW and Dark Souls is uncanny. In Dark Souls, you are dropped into an unfamiliar land filled with some friendly NPCs (non-player characters) and some enemies that you have to learn to fight with practice. There are also few checkpoints, and the game inspires exploration. Similarly, BotW features enemy bosses, such as Waterblight Ganon and Dragons, that make you feel small in scale. This resemblance shows that the development team did their research and figured out what works and what doesn’t in this genre of games.


Resemblance to a popular series aside, BotW is a great game. It received top notch reviews from almost everywhere, and fans are still flocking to get it. For example, Jake Baldino at Gameranx said the Nintendo Switch is a $350 Breath of the Wild console due to it being the Switch’s headline launch title. Whether or not its popularity stays the same will depend on the success of games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (to be released on April 28th of this year) and Arms (releasing Spring 2017), Nintendo’s upcoming fighting game. Having said that, BotW is still going to be at the top of Switch users’ list for a long while. For more information on the game, you can visit the aforementioned site, Gameranx.

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