Fighting With Sword and Board

In today’s gaming culture, in which First Persons Shooters (FPSs) are often viewed as the most popular, sword and board games like For Honor and Skyrim Special Edition are proving they might be on top. FPSs are games based on gun and projectile combat from the first person perspective, and “sword and board” are games that usually focus on melee combat with medieval weapons.  The popularity of FPSs as a mainstream game started when the original Doom made a splash in 1993. Currently, games like Call of Duty (CoD) and Battlefield have become go-to games when people think about video games. Although it seems like these games would be on top, Steam users have actually given reviews, and it seems that Skyrim beats Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (the latest release in the franchise).

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There are multiple reasons these games have taken the high ground. Firstly, there is a larger focus on quality. Bethesda can take up to six years to release a new Elder Scrolls game, whereas CoD games get made yearly — although by three different studios who switch annually. The content of the games stands out when you look at the hours spent playing them. According to, someone who wants to do everything possible in the newest CoD would take about ten hours; someone who wants to complete Skyrim, on the other hand, can take up to 218 hours to do so entirely.

While the amount and quality of content may be superior in the sword and board games, there is more popularity surrounding FPSs. This could be due to a large focus on multiplayer and the popularity surrounding ESports. While this has been a separating factor in the past, For Honor is looking to change it with their fleshed out multiplayer mode. Now could be the time where games about swords rather than guns start to become the most popular.

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