Hello, my name is Noah Ainsworth. I am currently a student at Texas State University, and I am studying Mass Communications. This blog is about video games and my opinions and thoughts on the medium. I love video games and the stories they can tell or issues they can tackle. A video game to me is what a novel is to an avid reader.

It is my hope that I can not only share my views on video games but also show others that they are a serious way to take people on an adventure much like movies or books do. Video games are much more than something to watch, they’re stories totake part in. They are the most interactive form of storytelling and get more interactive as time goes on.

My profile picture on Xbox Live.

This blog is for people who enjoy video games or are interested in seeing what it is like to be a gamer. This blog will not only explore games across consoles but also games across generations. In an effort to expand what I share on this blog, I will be using my Twitter and Facebook to help bring more people into the world of video games and get feedback on what is out there. In due time I would love to create video content that makes my content even more accessible.

If you’d like to visit my twitter it is here.


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