Major Nelson, Xbox Live Behind the Scenes

The blog Major Nelson is a one stop shop for all things Xbox, and it is run by a pretty cool guy. Larry Hryb, also known by his Xbox Live gamertag “Major Nelson,” is the current Director of Programming for Microsoft’s Xbox Live, and he has a gaming blog that talks about all kinds of things. The main purpose of the blog is to talk about all things Xbox like his short show, This Week on Xbox, which appears on the Xbox One Dashboard. This can mean discussing new releases, announcing games being put on the Free For Gold list and even showing off his Twitter where he gets to meet and talk to all kinds of people in the industry.

I love this blog because, as the tab says, there is “No drama. Just Xbox Gamings news and facts straight from the source.” As a viewer, one can hear about new releases as they hit the Xbox store, such as the previously released Ghost Recon: Wildlands or even lesser known games such as NeuroVoider. Readers can also see games that are being added to the Free For Gold program. Free For Gold is a loyalty service offered to those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription and it has featured games such as Halo 3 and Bioshock Infinite. These games are only available for a short time, though, and Major Nelson makes sure viewers know what is up for grabs.

Finally, his Twitter is full of different faces from the gaming industry. Following his Twitter allows gamers to keep up with what is going on outside of Xbox Live. Hryb goes to plenty of different conventions and expos every year. His direct coverage allows his followers to see what it is like being at these events and he can also offer insight to different games, after all, he’s a gamer too. This leads to well-rounded coverage of video games and the industry. He is a must-follow for anyone who is into gaming.


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