Xbox Game Pass. What’s the Deal?

I recently bought into the Xbox Game Pass and I have to say, I think it’s worthwhile.

There are a lot of games to play with it and talking about each one will take some time but I wanted to start with the pros and cons of it. So let’s get to it.




There is a HUGE backlog of games.

Enough that if you really wanted to delve into each one then you’ll get well more than your money’s worth. On top of that they seem to be adding more every month or so with the Halloween games being the latest release. Variety and volume are the spice of this subscription.


It’s not just boring Xbox One titles.

Not only are there some good quality Xbox One games such as State of Decay (I know it isn’t necessarily an Xbox One game but still), but they have got some killer backwards compatible games like Fable 2 and Bioshock. These are some of my favorite games released on the 360 and I’m glad I get to play them again.

Support still exists for these games.

As a subscriber, you get more than old games that no one cares for. Games like Payday 2 and ReCore are newer releases that are still played and kept up with to this day. Whether or not you decide to play them is up to you but at least we are getting relevant games.




You won’t want some of the games.

Although I said there are some good games in the truly large library, I am not taking well to some of them. Games like Resident Evil 6 and Devil May Cry (Both of which I have tried) are among the games. While some people like these games, they aren’t going ot win over the popular vote.


The games aren’t really yours.

This one is apparent to those who read a bit into the subscription and although it is a con for me I understand why it is a thing. Subscribers get access to the games (and a minimum of 25% discount to own them permanently) for $10 a month. I honestly don’t see myself buying any of the games because of how many and how long I have access to them. It seems like we have a long period of time to play and presumably finish these games, and if one of the games can’t hold my attention well enough to keep me playing in the allotted time then I’m not really worried about owning it.


In all, this is probably one of the better subscriptions compared to things like EA access, which feels more like a cash grab compared to the Game Pass being like a fan service, due to its price and abundance of games to play.

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